“Married at First Sight,” a reality show where each participant undertakes a legal marriage with a complete stranger returned yesterday with season 3 episode called “Six Months Later.”

Six months have passed since three couples met and married as strangers. In this one-hour special of “Married at First Sight,” the Season 3 couples meet with Dr. Pepper Schwartz in Atlanta to discuss their experiences and reveal what has happened since viewers last saw them.

This week , the episode was a bag of tears and surprises, but tears more in number. You must have guessed why. Yes, the couples again broke this time.

The participants head to Atlanta to chat with Dr. Pepper Schwartz about the events that transpired after the six-week social experiment. For the uninitiated, Sam and Neil as well as David and Ashley ended their marriage while Tres and Vanessa chose to stay married, according to Christian Today.

The only couple who decided to go ahead were Vanessa and Tris. Vanessa started crying and revealed that the couple had a terrible argument when Tres did not return home last night.

But the couple has agreed to work on their relationship.

It also seems like Ashley and David haven’t seen each other since the divorce. Their marriage seemed to break apart from the get go, as Ashley confessed that she wasn’t attracted to him physically and David was later caught asking another woman out for drinks.

Meanwhile, six months after Neil Bowlus brought his wife Samantha Role to tears when he confessed he wanted a divorce.

“The first couple of weeks were quite rough, and I am sincerely sorry for the way I behaved, the looks I gave, the nasty comments I made, and being so judgmental,” Samantha said tearfully. ‘I’m sad because if I were you, I would have asked for a divorce to because I didn’t like what I saw in me, reports Daily Mail.