“Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2 showed Jamie Otis recognizing her past as the major obstacle in her marriage to Doug Hehner. It also showed Jason Carrion finally taking the chance to appreciate his mother for the first time ever since she died.  

The “Married at First Sight” couple continues to have problems after Hehner failed to give much time at the wedding of Otis’ sister. Hehner, however, insisted that they give priority to their respective families, although Otis feels like he does not practice it.

Hehner feels like Otis is keeping a grudge, while Otis believes that saying sorry, just to stop a fight is different from actually feeling sorry due to regret.

Realizing that Otis has trust issues, IB Times reported about Hehner’s  proposal that they both see a therapist. However, she refused to take the blame for their problem, which Hehner quickly explained that it is actually not what he is trying to do. He told her that the trust that they have for each other should not be overcome by their shortcomings.

Reality show’s expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz talks to the couple and tells them to focus on their teamwork. Dr. Schwartz tells Otis about the therapy that they have talked about before, which she admitted to considering the idea. However, she has admitted that she has not given it much attention.

Dr. Pepper believes that Otis has been preoccupied of her past and has probably left her with some unresolved issues that are now affecting her marriage.

Later, Otis comes to talk to Hehner’s mother, who admitted to seeing a therapist before to help her with her anxiety. Otis was assured by Hehner’s mother that a therapist could help her and that she should do it for her own self, US Magazine reported.

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