Channel Nine’s “Married at First Sight” season two made its debut yesterday. The first episode was a mixture of panic, last minute nerves, soothing charm and some shocking confessions. Two of the eight couples, Erin and Bryce and Christie and Mark, exchanged vows yesterday.

Retail manager Erin and business analyst Bryce were paired by relationship experts for their compatibility. Christie, on the other hand, is a professional DJ and was paired with farmer Mark. The bloke was a FIFO worker who chucked it all to become a farmer, states

However, things did not go as planned and 26-year-old Erin suffered a panic attack just before her wedding. Daily Mail informs that she even contemplated about giving herself food poisoning to avoid the situation. The bride was seen talking to herself and looked unsure of the next steps. “I don’t want to go. What the **** have I done? Do I have to? Let’s just get this **** done,” she told herself.

Her nerves were calmed by her matched partner, Bryce, all throughout the ceremony. “’He is just so calm, so relaxed and it just makes me feel so much better being around him,” Erin said about her match. “I think you can tell from the show that I was quite worked up, and as soon as I met him I was a lot more calm,” Erin revealed on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning.

The second couple, Christie and Mark, walked the aisle too in the first episode. Christie, the glamourous professional DJ, has been single for two and a half years, states Daily Mail while Mark is a quiet farmer. Their wedding took place on a boat docked in the middle of the iconic Sydney Harbour, states

While Christie is looking for someone she can feel electrifying chemistry with, Mark is totally smitten. “I definitely didn’t feel any electricity or chemistry. Physically. At all. Didn’t feel it. I’m not gonna fake it,” said Christie. “I won’t fake anything. Not a guy I would go for. If he was online, I would have swiped past him,” she admitted.

“Married at First Sight” season two opened to 771,000 of the metro audience, reveals Mumbrella. This is way less than the first episode of season one which pulled in 1.134 million viewers during its night slot.