“Married at First Sight” couple Clare and Jono’s honeymoon phase is now over. While the other couples seem to be adjusting well, Clare and Jono can’t stop fighting. Was moving in with Clare a bad idea?

These are trying times for all the “Married at First Sight” couples. They have moved in with their partners and were seen trying to adjust to their new life. Mark and Xavier spruced up their places for their partners. Christie struggled to adapt to a farm life and Simone tried hard to live up to all that she bragged about. Erin has attempted to be a perfect wife by learning to cook. The only couple still struggling is Clare and Jono.

Jono cannot control his temper and Clare can’t help but take his statements about working out personally, states Daily Mail. While she accused him of cheating, one can’t help but think that moving in was a bad idea.

Additionally, they both seemed to gross out each other. According to News.com.au, Clare thought it was gross that Jono brushed only once a day. Jono was disgusted with the state of her groceries in the fridge, which included expired milk with wilted and liquefied spinach. What got to him was a bag of dog crap that Clare waved in his face.

In an attempt to make things work out, the couple visited a wine bar nearby. However, things just went downhill for Clare and Jono when the 26-year-old concrete pool builder elaborated about Clare’s finding time for the gym. Daily Mail informs that he believed it was important to feel physically good to feel mentally better, a thought that didn’t go well with the 32-year-old Clare who took the comment personally.

“I love to train and I love to work out but at the same time, I’d expect that if I was to have kids and be running ragged with that you don’t have time for that s**t … I’d have time to wash the vomit out of my hair but that’s kind of about it,” she said. “I’m going to go to the bathroom but you have fun with your receptionist,” she added.

While Jono said that Clare thought he was cheating on her, it has been revealed that the lad has been in touch with a Melbourne-based Rachel. If her social media posts are anything to go by, then she might be his girlfriend.

In the end, Jono moved out of Clare’s home.