“Married at First Sight” ended its run on Aussie televisions yesterday in a dramatic finale. Some of the couples stayed together while others decided to end their journeys.

In a turn of events, Jono turned up in the finale to have a word with Clare. Jono and Clare parted ways two weeks after their marriage, states Daily Mail. The finale saw Jono open up to Clare about what he felt for her.

He revealed that Clare adopts dogs that need her. Throughout his stay with her, Jono felt that he was one of her rescue dogs. “She adopts these dogs that need her. She trains them up and is so caring and loving, and awesome in that aspect,” he said. “But I’m not one of your dogs,” he added.

Meanwhile, Simone and Xavier too were trying to sort out their issues. Xavier’s lack of romance is a deal killer for Simone. Despite the strong attraction between them, Simone ended things with the guy on decision day, reveals News.com.au. “I want someone who loves to spend time with me. I want somebody who is excited when I walk in that door and I want somebody who genuinely wants to hold me,” said Simone.

“Because I feel that you cannot give me any of those things. You’re not ready. To give any of those things. So thank you for the last month,” she added.

Mark and Christie have relatively better news for viewers. The couple has decided to try and make it work. Despite the initial lack of attraction, Christie grew fond of Mark over a period of time. The two of them travelled to each other’s places in the city and the country to see how things unfold.

“Married at First Sight’s” final couple Erin and Bryce too decided that they want to continue their relationship. They decided to stand together despite Erin’s lack of interest in having babies and starting a family. Things that Bryce said were important to him.

However, after two months after the show, the couple is still together and Erin has grown a fondness for kids. She admitted that now, kids are certainly not a 100 percent no.