“Married at First Sight” 2016 bride Clare Verrall Christens possibly has opted for one of the weirdest ways of dealing with her breakup with Jono.  Clare has already got an injured wrist because of the accident she’s met while out at a nightclub dancing with castmate Erin Bateman, following her split from Jono. And on top of that, to comfort her aching heart, she chose to go for another sore wrist. Clare had a wolf tattoo done on her right forearm that she dubbed as “Ghost.”

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According to a report published in Mail Online,  the 31-year-old reality TV star took to social media platform pikore on Monday to share her experience. Clare shared an image of her new wolf tattoo. The image was captioned “First ever tattoo, nicknamed ‘Ghost’. Didn’t hurt at all!!!”

A Glimpse of “Ghost” From Clare’s Twitter Post:


Verrall uploaded another post briefly after her first one on pikore. This time, she shared a video clip of an artwork that was tattooed on her right wrist. The blonde beauty expressed “It’s not bad,” as a needle was used for the artwork on her wrist.

According to another relevant source, Verrall received mixed reactions from her fans. While many of them congratulated her on her new tattoo, some were not exactly excited about it. The Aussie star confessed that her mother was not happy with it.

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Fans will not be able to miss her injured wrist in the clip that was covered with a bandage. The former contestant of Married at First Sight had to stay at a hospital for 10 days after her wrist was broken. She even had to undergo a surgery. Info Europa reports.

She had also shared a clip at 3 a.m. while she was lying on her hospital bed after her night out with a fellow cast pal ended on such a bad note.

Verrall took to Instagram and wrote, “This is why I went on #MarriedAtFirstSight I SUCK at even attempting to go to clubs to meet people.”

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Clare Verrall Christens is a real-estate recruitment consultant from Melbourne who  won the hearts of the audience after her positive outlook surpassed that of her frustrated “groom” and Married at First Sight 2016 “baddie,” Jono Pitman, 28.