Married At First Sight Australia’s Mark and Christie now appear to be happy with their long-distance arrangement, despite initial apprehensions. The pair reveals marriage is on the cards but there is a “Mexican standoff” over where to live.

Christie, 39 who is based in Sydney, has been spending a gala time with her beloved partner at his farm, located seven hours away in rural Victoria.

Although Christie is very fond of makeup and designer clothes, she didn’t show any hesitations about working in a farm. She then took her farming experience to Instagram on Monday morning to show just how well she’s adjusting into farm life, reports Daily Mail.

“It’s like winter at the farm and @mark.hughes_ feels he has not got enough fire wood,” she wrote. “Mind you this is only 2 percent of the firewood he has! Fire going while drinking the red and cooking some homemade soup.” Mark has also posted a series of snaps and flashback photos of his TV bride around the farm.

The best part, the couple have not yet taken off their wedding rings. Recently, when Mark and Christie were asked about the future of their relationship, they revealed neither of them has plans to move from state to state, with Mark telling Today on Friday that “it’s a little bit of a Mexican standoff.”

On that note, Christie expressed, “We’re still negotiating, because I have a business and he’s starting his business with the farm. It’s scary to just sell up everything, what if it doesn’t work, then one of us if left with nothing. She continued, ‘I worked hard for where I am today, I can’t just let it go.”

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The couple were also questioned whether or not they have plans to make their television “marriage” official. Mark replied that it was something they were “committed” to.

On Wednesday night, the couple had viewers on the edge of their seats as Mark concluded. ‘You are an amazing person, but… I can’t let you go, either. I want us to give it a go.’

‘He’s known the farm all his life; he’s known me for five weeks. I was nervous. Hey, he picked me!’ Christie expressed, ‘I think I am falling in love.’

It’s obvious that they’re head over heels in love with each other, but whether or not they will end up marrying each other, only time will tell.