A fisherman survived a fatal attack following his six hours of treading after being dragged by a large marlin into the sea. The man was discovered fishing around 30 nautical miles on Tuesday morning. It was then when he hooked a large marlin that dragged him into the water. The fisherman treaded for six hours alone in the water off North West Cape on West Australian coast. It was surprising for rescue members to see a man treading for so long in “the middle of nowhere” in the water.

Another fisherman of the area detected the empty boat moving at speed and informed the authorities about the missing man. The fisherman was recovered following a search operation involving several boats launched for him. One of the passing boats detected the fisherman six hours after he went missing. The man was rushed to Exmouth Hospital on the mainland. It was found that he suffered from severe hypothermia and shock.

Rescue Members Reaction On Marlin Attack

Rescue members said that the fisherman pulled into the sea by marlin was lucky to survive such a fatal attack. “The boating community that was out there did a very good job at rallying around and getting a search underway as fast as possible,” Exmouth Volunteers Marine Rescue Group’s commander Rusty Ellis told the BBC. “I think everybody is extremely relieved that he was found at all. It could have quite easily been a disastrous situation.”

He added that it was a credible thing to find the fisherman at such a lonely place. He thanked the rescue team members for the assistance. Ellis also mentioned that the marlin attack incident was a warning for people that indicated fishing alone was not a good option. He said that the fishermen must be “extra careful” while fishing at such places. “It’s a very lonely place out there, and if you end up in the drink for whatever reason and you can’t do anything about getting back to your motorboat, it can be very painful for a lot of people,” the commander said.

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