A gigantic and sexy statue of Marilyn Monroe was displayed in Rosalind Park piazza in Victoria, Australia.

Five American workers took 24 hours to install the sculpture, towering at eight metres, using a 40-tonne crane. Adam Garey was among the crew members tasked to set up the celebrity colossus. He shared that no difficulties were encountered while setting up the inviting carving.

“We didn’t have any hitches, the unload went smoothly and the install went well,” he said.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the figure is not quite finished yet since the crew members will be painting to hide its joint marks. The voluptuous idol is slated to be displayed until the culmination of Marilyn Monroe Exhibition. The exhibit was made possible through the efforts of Twentieth Century Fox and Bendigo Art Gallery.

The carving was made by Seward Johnson, titled “Forever Marilyn,” and is a bronze representation of the late actress’ heart-stopping skirt scene in her movie “The Seven Year Itch” released in 1955. This is the first time that the statue has ever been installed in a location that’s outside the US.

Garey is quite amused at how curious people could be when interacting with the suggestive effigy.

“There’s always someone that walks between her legs and looks straight up,” he laughs.

Karen Quinlan, director of Bendigo Art Gallery, hopes that the supersized Monroe image will spark healthy discussion among the art circle.

“This is the great thing about public art; some people love it, some people hate it, and that’s absolutely fine.” she said in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Quinlan expects that onlookers appreciate the robust sculpture before it will be gone for good, returning to its home in the US.

“It’s only here once and people need to embrace it and love it, and I can guarantee when it leaves, people will be sorry.”