Tennis icon Maria Sharapova posted a letter to her fans on her Facebook page. The Russian superstar failed a “drug test” at the Australian Open in January for the little-known meldonium.

The previous world number one female tennis player admits the mistake that she committed; Sharapova announced this issue last Monday in Los Angeles at a news conference. Sharapova could suffer from an extensive ban from the International Tennis Federation, and this sanction could possibly end her season and it can prevent her from representing Russia at the Rio Olympics this 2016, ABC News reports.

Sharapova said to the media that the officials have already warned her for about five times about the usage of drugs. Moreover, said that information about changes to the anti-doping program were not easily accessible. It is like forcing a reader to put a username and a password after reading numerous unrelated links, Sharapova wrote in the letter on Facebook.

Sharapova also wrote that there is a “wallet card” with information on prohibited substances was also given out at tournaments in 2016.

Sharapova continued to express her point about the issue, she stated that “This document had thousands of words on it, many of them technical, in small print. Should I have studied it? Yes. But if you saw this document (attached), you would know what I mean.”

In addition, the tennis veteran continues to defend herself as she wrote “I didn’t take the medicine every day. I took it the way my doctor recommended I take it and I took it in the low doses recommended”.

However, Sharapova still accepts the fact that she had made a mistake and no one is to blame but herself. She wrote in the letter that there are no excuses about what happen, she added that the commission has already warned her five times about the issue but she did not give any attention about it.