“Marco Polo” returns for its second season on Netflix.

The historical drama series premieres on July 1 and all 10 episodes are available at 3 a.m. EDT, IBTimes reported. Netflix subscribers can watch “Marco Polo” via an internet connection on desktop or laptop. Alternatively, the Netflix app on smartphones or tablets is available.

Meanwhile, non-subscribers need not worry as they may avail of the streaming service’s 30-day free trial. It will likely offer enough time to watch both seasons, the publication suggested.  Prior to the premiere, Netflix released a featurette on “Marco Polo” season 2, Flickering Myth revealed. The combined messages of the production and cast bode good things to come for audiences. Actor Benedict Wong (Kublai Khan) and actress Claudia Kim (Khutulun) agreed the show improved even more in the next season. Hence, executive producer Patrick Macmanus promises it would amaze everyone.

“We’re going to leave the audience dumbstruck by where we’ve taken the show,” Macmanus said. Yet viewers may notice a “darker theme” for “Marco Polo” season 2, according to creator and executive producer John Fusco. Macmanus said this was unintentional albeit necessary.

“We didn’t craft the season to have a darker turn for the sake of taking it darker. The emotional journey of these characters just demanded it. And the battles that are waging inside of themselves are just as visceral as the battles that they’re waging outside.” Fans should also expect more action in season 2.

“There are a lot of crazy big fights, it’s cool, it’s really, really cool,” Aussie star Remy Hii (Prince Jingim) shared. The introduction of actress Michelle Yeoh in yet another martial arts role raised anticipation for the series, the Toronto Sun wrote. Yeoh (Hand Maiden) takes part in one of “the greatest fight scene of the series,” as her character battles with the love of her life Hundred Eyes. Hence, his reaction to the Hand Maiden’s arrival is worth watching, Fashion & Style surmised.

“Marco Polo” season 2 could reunite Marco Polo with his father. Thus, he might consider leaving the court to return home unless he’s still upset with Niccolo for trading him to Khan in season 1, the publication posited. Meanwhile, a fight between Kublai Khan and his cousin Kaidu seems eminent. The publication cited an argument between the two in front of the troops could lead to someone’s demise at some point in the new season.