Marc Gasol, the spanish giant who has been a favorite in NBA headlines, is being talked about to be the Best International player currently in the league. With a lot of debates that say San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker or Joakim Noah of Chicago Bulls should be the right candidate for no. 1 position, statistics from the recent season and a majority of experts believe that the Memphis Grizzlies center would justify the no.1 position more.

Scott Howard Cooper of NBA .com stated “Tony Parker is still in the conversation with his overall shooting and 3-point range plus the intangibles as one of the centerpieces of all that is right in San Antonio (the underwhelming per-game numbers in other categories are misleading because the Spurs don’t assign him a heavy workload). And there were times in the past it seemed that Joakim Noah was ready to make a push up the ranking. Gasol’s 2014-15 earned the top spot, though. Offense, defense, professionalism. That’s deserving of No. 1”.

Gasol has been the biggest asset of the Grizzlies and among the top 10 finishers in the 2015 Kia MVP race. With a sturdy physique and equally efficient dribbling technique, as well as finishing skills, he has all that it takes to be an overall champion.

Talking about how Marc has been playing since the past two years and comparing his game to his Chicago Bulls contemporary and sibling Pau Gasol, Shaun Powell of said, “Marc Gasol at one point wasn’t even the best foreign-born player in his own family. But now he has squeezed ahead of not only Pau Gasol but Dirk Nowitzki (on the downside of a great career), Tony Parker, Serge Ibaka, etc.”

The New York Knicks point guard Jose Calderon, a former teammate of Gasol in the Spanish national basketball team, reportedly coaxed him to join the Knicks, as per Beale Street Bears.

The Memphis Grizzlies star decided to continue with his current time in such a peak of his career in spite of Calderon’s persuasive attempts.

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