A body of a 19-year-old girl who was stabbed 150 times in the neck in 1969 has finally been identified. She is a girl from Montreal.

Police have identified the body as Reet Jurvetson, who moved to Los Angeles from Montreal the same year she was killed. The Los Angeles Police Department in a statement said they have cracked the 47-year-old cold case by using the lead of a man called John. Reportedly, Jurvetson moved to Los Angeles as a love struck teenager to see John.

Jurvetson’s body was found on November 16, 1969, by a birdwatcher in a dense brush off the iconic Mulholland Drive, reported CBS News.

Los Angeles police Detective Luis Rivera said that it could not be ruled out that the Manson family was involved in the murder.

Talking about the murder he said, “It was personal. It was a maniac … or love gone wrong.”

Police started investigating the case again in 2003. Rivera said he uploaded a DNA sample and photographs of the victim to the National Unidentified and Missing Persons System.  But it failed to find out anything and again the case was closed for 12 years.

The body was unidentified for several years and later it was named “Jane Doe #59.” In December 2015 police finally confirmed that “Jane Doe #59” was Reet Jurvetson. A friend of Jurvetson noticed the photo  in June 2015. She contacted Anne, who is the victim’s sister.

Los Angeles Times reported that police initially suspected Charles Manson and his followers because of the style and timeframe of the murder. The members of “Manson Family” use to stab people to death. Detective Rivera said that Reet was stabbed 150 times in her neck around the same time when the cult killing was at its peak.

Vincent Bugliosi , the former Manson prosecutor also wrote in his book  “Helter Skelter” that he believed that Jurvetson was killed, as she might have witnessed another murder linked to the Manson Family.

However, Rivera said that other than the time-frame  the investigators have not found any direct link between the Manson family murders and Reet Jurvetson murder.

Charles Manson and his followers, who are known as “Manson Family” have been suspected in numerous unsolved and suspicious deaths in 1969. Manson and most of his followers are in jail.

Recently, a man who was previously convicted of rape found was not guilty after he spent 25 years in jail.