Filipino Manny Pacquiao hasn’t entered the ring since May 2015, after losing to retired professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. He could soon possibly wear his gloves for another fight with the 28-year-old British boxer, Amir Khan, next year.

Boxing Promoter Bob Arum is still mediating negotiations between the two boxers.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph regarding the dates of the upcoming match, Arum said, “We were planning for Manny Pacquiao to fight at the end of February, or at the latest, the first two weeks in April, March is out of the question because of a big college basketball tournament in the United States. That gets all the ink at the time.”

The promoter added that he is currently working on the negotiations for the fight with Amir Khan’s uncle and his lawyer, Robert Davis.

Since he defeated Chris Algieri in May, Welterweight title holder, Amir Khan, is very eager to face Pacquiao in the ring. He believes that if he stands victor over the Filipino, that might lure Floyd Mayweather to nullify his retirement and come back to fight him as he is only victory away to equalize records with rocky Marciano and Ricaro Lopez.

“I want to fight Manny Pacquiao next because if I beat him, maybe that will make Floyd Mayweather come out of retirement to fight me,” Khan told Sky Sports.

“The public demand would be huge. I’m looking at fighting in December, but if not then it will be as late as February. We’re looking at a few different opponents and hopefully we’ll find out exactly in the next week or so”.

Khan’s probable opponent, Pacquiao, who is recovering from a shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff, has not confirmed anything about his match with Khan yet.

The last championship match of Floyd Mayweather Jr. was a sheer flop, inspite of one of its contenders being the richest athlete in the world. It cannot be assured whether this possible fight between Khan and Pacquiao will attract the crowd.

The venue of the match is still uncertain. “There is a possibility that it could happen in Dubai, but I think it’s more likely it will happen in Las Vegas.”Arum told the Telegraph.