Manny Pacquiao is still ruling the boxing news even though he is not even in training. According to Deadspin, Pacquiao remains the biggest, most marketable name in the sport. Pacquiao is all set to retire from Boxing as he wants to focus on his full time political career as a senator. But, he wants to leave the ring with a bang.

Pacquiao has expressed that he definitely wants to enter the ring for the final time before his retirement which shall be his farewell match. As we continue to speculate the innumerable possibilities surrounding his final opponent, Pacquiao has already vested his interests in a rematch with Floyd Mayweather. But Pacquiao finds it more feasible to fight Amir Khan rather than Mayweather, notes CNN.

Earlier reports had claimed that Amir Khan has already signed up for the farewell fight. But Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s chief promoter, ridiculed such claims and dismissed all rumors related to Amir Khan’s involvement with the farewell fight.

The new name which is being attached to the fight is that of Bud Crawford. He is currently regarded as the best fighter in the universe and remains, by far, the “most talented and dangerous foe at or near Pacquiao’s weight, and the most likely heir apparent to Pacquiao and Mayweather’s mantle,” writes Deadspin.

Reports are yet to be confirmed on Crawford’s possibility for the final bout but Pacquiao is very keen on having Meaweather as his opponent. In a recent interview with the CNN, the 36-year-old boxer said, “It’s possible — very much, I would love to have a rematch if he [Floyd Mayweather] wants it.”

“Of course we hear from him many times that he has retired. It’s not new for him.”

But CNN also states that Mayweather has made it clear on several occasions that he is retired now and has no intention of beating Rocky Marciano’s record.

We are all looking for the official confirmation which is likely to be revealed tonight. Whoever the next opponent is, we are sure to experience another “fight of the century”.