It seems that Manchester United is having a Wayne Rooney problem. The team has suffered three defeats in a row, and it seems like everyone is looking in Rooney’s direction. His out-of-place performance may not be the only problem of Man United but it definitely is the most significant. This 30-year-old captain and club legend is just three goals short of becoming United’s leading scorer of all time.

The Premier League player has bagged all of the major trophies in the 12 years he’s been with the club. He is described as a team man and a clown, a well-liked and esteemed player. He has also earned the managers’ favor because of his versatility. Most players might stick their ground and demand to occupy a favorite role, but not Rooney. He’s got enough talent to play any position, putting the team first over any personal goals.

However, Rooney has not been playing well lately. This is an observation that even his most loyal supporters will agree with. Instead of being mad, they are probably sad because their favorite player is struggling. Three years ago, he was David Moyes’ most prominent player. Now, he appears to be unworthy of such position. Sunday’s game showed him getting irritated with referee Michael Oliver and booked for a foul against Roberto Pereyra towards the end.

To some observers, Wayne Rooney isn’t bad at all now. He played impressively for the most part in games prior to the Watford match. He had a direct hand in the three goals that Manchester United scored during their four previous matches. Rooney has started all of the EPL games for United. They have been a very good team and will probably remain as such with him in the starting lineup.

Manchester United hopes to become England’s best team and one of Europe’s best once again. Will they be able to do so if Rooney continues to occupy such important position in the team?