Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been out of the club since his last game for Paris Saint-Germain. Rumours surrounding Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s signing up for the Manchester United, had surfaced.

While his last game for Paris Saint-Germain ended spectacularly, all bets were off regarding Zlatan’s stay in the club. Through his help, PSG snagged the French Cup 2016.

Instead of a contract, the striker was awarded the Great Medal of the City of Paris.

However, his Manchester United transfer is still hanging in the air. Basing from Ibrahimovic’s agent Mino Raiola, they are taking the process of picking Zlatan’s new club slowly.

With Zlatan having had the best year in his career, the striker has the statistics to support his high salary quote.

“This means that Ibrahimovic, who just finished a record season at PSG, can get an extra high salary. He is in a good bargaining position,” Raiola says to Sky Sports.

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And indeed he is. With 38 league goals to his name, Zlatan has scored 19 goals out of 24 appearances.

Zlatan has also showed marked improvement on the field. Displaying a higher sense of awareness, he made an effort into injecting more of a team play and did more assists instead of hogging the ball.

Bleacher Report also states that during Zlatan’s stint at the PSG, he was able to break every possible record.

Meanwhile, his agent, Raiola has only promised that Zlatan isn’t ending his career prematurely. Sky Sports further hints that the Swede is weighing a $107 million (£53million) offer from an unnamed Chinese club for two seasons.

Apart from that Zlatan has already confirmed that Manchester United is not the only club giving him an offer. Rather, several clubs from England, Italy and even overseas have reached out to him.

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“There are clubs in England and Europe, some outside of Europe, but everyone thinks he must go to Manchester United. It’s not true,” Raiola further denies.

The disappointment for Manchester United fans looming in with Zlatan’s loss.

“Does it have to be United that Zlatan goes to? Will the whole of Sweden not sleep if it does not happen?” Raiola asked.

Only time will tell if Zlatan Ibrahimovic will pass up the chance to reunite once again with his former manager Mourinho under Manchester United.