Manchester United officially confirmed Jose Mourinho as the club’s manager Friday.

Mourinho bags the job just after 162 days of being sacked by Chelsea. After a disappointing season van Gaal filled with losses, media started a half-year long of speculating and gossiping that Manchester United will be sacking their underperforming manager.

All eyes turned towards Mourinho who was, at the time, free from any club obligations.

After a rigorous contract negotiation that had both parties jumping hoops over endorsements and trademark issues, Manchester United has finally got them a new club manager, Jose Mourinho.

Through the club’s official Twitter page, they tweeted a welcome greeting to the new manager, finally putting an end to a more than half a year’s worth of speculations and gossip.

Most of the fans on Twitter were happy to have bagged the manager and expressed their congratulations in many forms.

However, some United fans were not quite sure how a Mourinho will fit in with the current team Manchester United has.

Daily Mail reports Juan Mata’s camp are already seeking the club’s word that he will not be let go.

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While others have already pitted the new manager against the other clubs’ manager starting with Arsenal’s Arsène Wenger and Bayern Munich’s Pep Guardiola.

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Some United fans retaliated against City fans with funny tweets and gifs about Pep learning Mourinho’s back to face him at the field.

For most fans, the upcoming season will be an exciting one as it sees the old rivals now fight each other with the best teams in one place, Manchester.  The rivalry, once touted as “The Disease”  will now have the two heading two powerhouse clubs of the North, the Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester Evening News reports that out of the 11 matches the two have had, Guardiola has won five of them which leaves Mourinho more to prove.

Some were even ruminating as to why Manchester United really brought in Mourinho.

However, come what may, Manchester still wins. With both powerhouse names leading the the clubs, Manchester has now secured itself with a Northern Powerhouse, as DCLG puts it.