In the wake of their massive Paul Pogba signing, Manchester United has announced yet another big contract signing. The English club confirmed a new deal with EA Sports as its new video game partner. The deal includes FIFA 17, the latest version of an already popular game franchise. 

“The ability to bring sports fans together is in EA Sports’ DNA,” said Manchester United Group Managing Director Richard Arnold. His statement, which was part of the official announcement, was posted on the Manchester United website on Wednesday.

“By having these innovators on board with our family of global partners, we’re pledging to our 659 million followers that they can look forward to great content and concepts over the coming seasons,” he continued.

The global deal lasts for three years and involves such popular video game titles as  EA Sports FIFA 17 and FIFA 17 The Journey. The latter is described as a “narrative driven” game. It is available only for the newest and most advanced consoles. Players will be able to play the game through the eyes of a character named “Alex Hunter.” The game is set at Manchester United’s home stadium in Old Trafford. Hunter begins his football journey there as a young player.

Animated versions of the team’s most popular players are already available to be viewed in the EA Sports website. Even new signer Paul Pogba can already be seen in a United kit, alongside the likes of Wayne Rooney. The official trailer for FIFA 17 The Journey could also be watched at the EA Sports site.

For its part, Manchester United has already been promoting the game by sharing exclusive imagery through its social media platforms.