Manchester United’s managerial position has been rife with controversy for months. With Louis van Gaal’s inability to bring Manchester United to the top three, his future with the club has been on the line.

Meanwhile, with Jose Mourinho Chelsea club exit last December, whispers sparked about the Portuguese coach going for the position.

Even wtih van Gaal’s win, finally, for the FA Cup, the string of losses the club had to endure under his authority is too much for the powers-that-be.

As Sky reporter Alessandro Alciato broke the news that a Manchester-Mourinho deal has been reached, van Gaal refused to believe any of the news.

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Dutchman van Gaal continued his losing streak and failed to secure Manchester United a spot at the Champions League.

With key figures close to Manchester United’s management confirming Mourinho going to the club, Mourinho himself never admitted to anything.

“Right now I have respect for every coach at every club. I’m not looking for a club, but there are clubs that are looking for me,” Sky Sports quotes Mourinho saying in a La Stampa interview.

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After United’s continuing loss at the Premier and Europa leagues, even van Gaal finally addressed media’s seeming obsession with him being fired.

Citing the list of injuries and Manuel Pellegrini’s exit, van Gaal tried to paint to the media the poor playing environment he’s had to work in to get a win, he’s insisted he’s still working for a win.

And he did win for the FA Cup last Saturday again after 12 years. However, despite his victory, ESPN FC have confirmed that van Gaal will not be completing his three-year contract with the club. ESPN further reports that the Dutchman has been informed he will not be staying with the club since last Wednesday.

ESPN FC has reported that Mourinho has signed a deal with Manchester United. He will be announced as the new manager next week.