It is very painful to imagine a man slashing his face with a chainsaw but it’s even more painful to hear that the man had to drive himself to hospital after he has slashed his own face open.  A Victorian  man met an accident while working with a chainsaw and lost his tongue but was unable to contact an ambulance service. His prompt action and incredible courage have miraculously helped him to survive.

Bill Singleton, 68, was working on his farm in Ballarat, 100 km west of Melbourne when he lost control of his chainsaw. It sliced open the bottom half of his face. Yahoo7 reported that Singleton was unable to call an ambulance as he sliced half of his tongue in the accident.  But, he promptly managed to tie up his head with bandages, and then he drove himself to the nearest hospital.

Singleton said that his fight for survival did not end so easily and he was about to pass out at the hospital’s car park. But he forced himself to get help.  Later, He was airlifted from Ballarat to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

He said, “I was two thirds of the way there and things started to spin, the lights went dark… I dropped to my knees and was on all fours.”

As stated by Mail Online, Singleton was lucky that the chainsaw could not penetrate his carotid artery and larynx. The chainsaw cut as far back as his wisdom teeth. Professor Alf Nastri, one of the surgeons who operated on Singleton, said that the victim would not have survived if the chainsaw cut his carotid artery.

Nastri said, “If he got that carotid artery in the paddock, the freeway of the arteries, he’d probably be dead. When a chainsaw grabs, it grabs and goes deeper. It was not dissimilar to treating a gunshot wound.”

X-Ray showed how the machine cut Singleton’s head into his skull. The large gap and the teeth knocked out by the blade are also visible. Despite the injury, Singleton said that he is not afraid of working with a chainsaw and he will keep on working with it in future.

In March, Carl Moulton, 41, a tree surgeon from West London sliced his own throat in yet another chainsaw accident. As per ITV, he somehow managed to climb down the tree and his colleagues bandaged him and called an ambulance.