Police have begun their manhunt after three men shot a man in a busy car parking area of Campbellfield’s shopping center in Melbourne. The incident occurred on Tuesday night.

The victim was a 27-year-old Coolaroo man. Witnesses saw him lying on the ground after being attacked by the group of men at 9:30 pm. He was attacked multiple times in the leg and groin outside Campbellfield Plaza located on Mahoneys Road. The witnesses said that the man’s friend called his brothers who rushed to the scene. The victim of Melbourne shooting was immediately taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital.

One of the female onlookers said that she was waiting in her car when she heard the gunshots. She said she was scared and “heard two bangs.” Another man who was present at the scene said that he was proceeding towards his car when he heard the gunshots that emerged “out of nowhere.”

Crime Squad Investigated Melbourne Shooting 

Armed Crime Squad Detective Inspector Steve Clark said that the police department was going through the CCTV footage of the night. He also mentioned having conversations with witnesses regarding the incident. “We believe we’re looking for three males; it’s still early days,” Clark said on Wednesday. “It appears to have been targeted, so we don’t believe it’s random.”

Clark mentioned about a white 4WD that was found burnt in Thomastown. He believed there might be some link between the burning of the sedan and Melbourne shooting incident. Meanwhile, the shopping center’s security guard Thomas Yoannidis said that his colleague was the first to hear the shots. He added that his colleague ran to the spot where he found the victim bleeding.

“I was shopping at K-Mart and as I walked outside I heard a gunshot. I turn around and saw a guy bleeding from his leg,” Rasheed Elachkar, one of the witnesses, told 9News. “I thought if I ran up there I’d get shot so I thought the best thing to do was to stay back. He was alone at the time but after the shooting, four or five people rushed over to help.”

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