With news today filled with violence and crime, it becomes harder and harder to come by stories of people who actually do good without asking something in return.

However, Jamie-Lynne Knighten is one of the lucky few who get to meet a Good Samaritan.

People reports that Knighten was shopping at a Trader Joe’s in Oceanside, California last November 10 when she met 28-year-old Matthew Jackson.

The website reports that the trip to the grocery store was stressful for Knighten because she had her crying 5-month old baby in tow. What added to her stress was her experience at the cash register.

People relays that Knighten realized at the checkout counter that she left her debit card at home. She then tried to pay her $200 tab with her credit card, but it kept on being declinedd because of anti-fraud lock.

When Knighten was on the phone to call her bank, that is when Jackson stepped in, the Los Angeles Times reports.

According to LA Times, Jackson asked Knighten if he could cover the cost of her groceries.

Knighten declined at first but when Jackson asked again, she realized how the man truly wanted to offer his help.

The mother of two finally agreed in exchange for the man’s name and where he worked, the LA Times reports.

However, when Knighten finally got the chance to call Jackson’s boss, she discovered that the good man who helped her died in a car accident just less than 24 hours after his good deed.

It is because of the lost opportunity to thank Jackson that Knighten wanted to preserve the good man’s legacy.

Stuff reports that Knighten started a Facebook page and Twitter account named Matthew’s Legacy to honor the man who once helped her.

According to the website, Knighten aims to spread the word of Jackson’s good deed so that people can learn from his example.