This mirror is more than just a mirror. Yes, a touchscreen mirror is now possible as technology has made man’s life better to an unthinkable extent.

This video features a rare talent and his super innovative invention. The video has gone viral after Ryan Nelwan from San Francisco posted it on April 26. Nelwan, who works as an engineer at Swipe Labs, has illustrated all the features of this mirror in the video.

It contains important apps such as dropbox, apple airdrop, Reddit, music and movie players among others. He has also brought convenience at par by installing Uber into it. While getting ready, one can easily book a Uber in order to avoid getting late.

“This is a real working mirror running a software that I built. I purposely recorded this video in one take to demonstrate it’s capabilities. I’ll continuously be updating the mirror,” writes Nelwan on his Youtube channel. “If I sound nervous in this video it’s because I really am,” he adds.

The video is filled with appreciative comments from all over the world. “Do I smell an MIT scholarship? This kid is the future,” writes one of the viewers. “This is incredible. Kid, you are going places,” writes another. “Dude that was super neat! this very well could be a staple in every home,” adds another.

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However, some have criticised the concept as fingerprints on a mirror is not so desirable. “Not a specialist at all, but it’d be great if you succeed to implement an infrared or laser layer (or that type of thing) 1 or 2 mm over the actual glass, so that you can use it without actually touching it and avoid fingerprints. This way, this would be a great bathroom mirror. Ordering a Uber without leaving huge fingerprints and marks while brushing your teeth or getting out of the shower would be amazing,” comments The Sound You Need. 

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Watch the amazing video and I’m hoping he would take this advice into account to make it better.