Well, if you want to become a millionaire then start collecting golf balls or at least know how to swim and scuba dive. This is not one of those easy money schemes because it is potentially dangerous.

According to AU News, Glen Berger used to be an out-of-work thief 14 years ago and started collecting golf balls which eventually gave him the idea of gaining money from it. He started diving for golf balls at the bottom of the Lakes and selling them back to the clubs at $1 per ball for use on their driving ranges.

The source quoted him saying, “I was partially unemployed and I was stealing golf balls out of a golf course lake where I lived and I realized that wasn’t the way to make money … this business just blew up.”

He continued to dive for golf balls for more than decade and has been fishing out 1.3 to 1.7 million balls per year across the golf course-rich state of Florida. The amount collected over the years touched $15 million.

But it’s not an easy job especially when you have alligators crawling behind you. This profession has many risks to offer, feels Berger, and says, “I really don’t like to talk about alligators but they happen and you learn how to deal with them.”

“Scuba diving is a dangerous sport as it is. People can usually see. I can’t see. So I have fish, snakes, turtles and all those fun things running into me all the time.”

CBS Sports reports that as along as Berger keeps the Alligators and Snakes at bay, money making becomes easier.

When USA Today divulged themselves into the reality of the matter, they calculated his claims only to find that it is possible to make a million dollars a year retrieving skewed shots.

The source estimated, “The average golf course hosts about 30,000 18-hole rounds every year, and let’s make a very conservative estimate an average golfer will lose 1.5 balls to a water hazard every 18 holes.”