Two men were reported to be involved in a tragic shopping trolley crash in East Sydney. One man immediately died on the scene while the other was badly injured.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that one man rode on the shopping trolley while the other was at the back when the collision happened. The Swedish man in the trolley was “catapulted out” and landed on the gutter. His friend, also a Swedish national, was found in the middle of the road.

The police noted that the two Swedish friends, both 28 years old, might have found the abandoned shopping trolley on their way home. Chief Inspector Chris Stiles said the two might have decided to “have a bit of fun together” unknowingly that it would result to a tragedy.

The trolley was estimated to have a speed of 80 km/hour before crossing Coogee Bay Road in Randwick. In the opposite direction, a car was travelling and the trolley slammed into it. The road where the collision happened had posted a sign which only allows a maximum speed of 60km/hour.

Detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate from the Eastern Beaches Command told ABC News, “We do know the car heading west was travelling [at] what we believe was within the speed limit.”

“It’s a 60 kilometre per hour zone and at 60kph, that is fast enough to kill you,” Dengate added.

Moreover, Dengate said that he believes the car’s driver has no fault. They’re currently looking into how the two men used the shopping trolley as a form of vehicle. He noted the danger behind controlling shopping trolleys.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the man who survived is currently at Prince of Wales Hospital. He is reported to be in stable condition after suffering numerous injuries. Meanwhile, the car’s driver got no injuries but was also taken to the hospital for mandatory testing.

Dengate told the site that the police has not yet spoken with the Swedish man at the hospital. He mentioned that they still need to confirm if the men were drunk before the incident.

“If you’re on the road, particularly in the early hours of the morning, regardless of whether you’ve been drinking or not, motor vehicles do kill people,” Dengate reminded.