Man Booker prize winner Arundhati Roy could be jailed for once again attacking the Indian judicial system. The author of “The God of Small Things” is accused of making “scandalous and scurrilous allegations” against the Indian judiciary, reported The Telegraph. The author had written an article in May 2015 calling for the release of a Maoist professor.

Arundhati Roy in the article suggested that the authorities do not want Professor GN Saibaba to come out alive. As a result a Nagpur Court has issued contempt proceedings against her for her views on the arrest of Professor Saibaba. Police arrested Mr. Saibaba for his alleged Maoist link ups last year. She also questioned the way Professor Saibaba was arrested

Roy in the article stated, “Why did they abduct him in this way when they could easily have arrested him formally, this professor who happens to be wheelchair-bound and paralysed from his waist downwards since he was five years old?”

She said, there were two reasons behind arresting him in that unlikely manner. Firstly, they knew that if they picked him from the university campus they would have to face the wrath of the public. Secondly, they wanted to portray him as a dangerous terrorist.

Justice A B Chaudhari of the HC’s Nagpur bench commented, “calling the government and police as being ‘afraid’ of the applicant, ‘abductor’ and ‘thief’, and the magistrate from a ‘small town’, demonstrate the surly, rude and boorish attitude of the author in a most tolerant country like India.”

However, according to a judge the charges made against Arundhati Roy reveal a power struggle between the Bombay High Court and its Nagpur based regional bench.

Clash between Ms. Roy and judicial system is not new. This is the latest development in the string of feuds Ms. Roy had with Indian Establishments in the past. She was convicted of contempt against the court when she commented in a protest against hydroelectric dam project in central India in 2002. In 2010 she was charged with sedition for stating that Kashmir is not a part of India.