Malmsbury Youth Justice Center has been in the news since Wednesday afternoon after a mass escape. A group of inmates escaped from the detention center. They stole the cars at the center and then ran out of the place.

Superintendent Craig Gillard confirmed that there were 30 detainees involved in the mass escape. Out of them, 15 have been successful in their plan. Among those who successfully escaped, six have been taken into the custody after being caught after running away from the detention center. Other two from the group were caught five kilometres from the center in a padlock.

The superintendent added that the escapees have stolen three cars. He seemed unsure if the escapees used the sedans. “One vehicle came from a carjacking on the highway, another in a petrol drive-off, and we have a whole range of police officers outside of here still looking for these youths,” he said.

Details of Malmsbury Detention Center Escape

According to reports, the detainees who flee from the detention center were claimed to have been traveling in three different cars. One was a red hatch while another one was a white Suzuki SUV and the third one was a blue Falcon sedan. The reports have also suggested that the guard was assaulted by the escapees. However, he was not injured severely, according to 9News.

Initially, the officers said that they were not aware of the directions in which the detention center escapists took the vehicles. A police spokesperson confirmed that one of the chases was put to halt when a stolen car was seen on Calder Freeway’s wrong side. The other two stolen cars, on the other hand, were found moving towards Melbourne as well as Bendigo.

Department of Health and Human Services said that police were investigating the detention center matter. “Our priority is to resolve this incident as soon as possible,” the spokesman from the department said.

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