US President Barack Obama is again in the news after 18-year-old daughter Malia Obama has been caught smoking on camera.

The president’s daughter had a hard time over the weekend at Lollapalooza as she was seen smoking in a public place. WGCI-FM captured Malia “twerking and grinding” in the crowd at Grant Park during Bryson Tiller’s Petrillo Bandshell set.

The video featuring Obama’s daughter smoking in the crowd has been uploaded online with mixed reactions coming from the public. Some criticized Malia while a few showed sympathy towards her. Some responses were hilarious while some were politically targeting comments.

There were comments like “Who cares.” Such responses showed that the public is not the least bit interested in the personal life of a political head’s family. They don’t really get affected by someone found smoking at the age of 18. Other comments started identifying the mistakes done by former presidents and their children in addition to what Obama’s daughter did.

Some responded in a judgmental way and said that being a Harvard-goer, she must not act like a pothead. A few commenters said that the smoking incident was different from other children smoking in public places as the one mentioned in the post was a Republican president’s daughter.

For some Americans, Malia’s smoking incident was upsetting, seeing his father’s contribution in initiating and implementing strategies to prosecute drug dealers. There was another category of commenters who looked beyond the topic and dragged US Democratic presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “Second Amendment people” suggestions against Republican rival Hillary Clinton. According to them, as reported by RT, the media has ignored such a prominent report while focusing on an 18-year-old’s personal activities.

Radar Online, however, also mentioned that at one point in the video, Malia is seen lifting her shorts to expose her shaking booty, which will surely not make her father feel proud.

The video below features Malia smoking.

YouTube/Mark Dice