Malcolm Turnbull has said that a corporate watchdog can investigate Channel Nine’s involvement in  the release of 60 Minutes crew and Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner from a Lebanese prison. He has slammed the 60 Minutes crew for their involvement in the messed up child abduction case.

He called the child abduction case the most unwise after there were allegations that the television network paid $644994 (US$500,000) for the freedom of its crew, Mail Online reported. While replying about Australian Securities and Investments Commission being brought into investigation, Turnbull said, “I’ve got no doubt it will be of interest to various regulatory agencies.”

He added, “From what I have read about it, it appears to have been most unwise,”

“It doesn’t matter who you are or who you work for, when you are overseas if you’re an Australian you must obey the laws of the country where you are visiting. Nobody is above the law and if you break the law in other parts of the world, you may well be breaking Australian law as well,”said Turnbull.

Earlier Turnbull noted that overseas corruption is an offence under Australian law.

Vetaran Journalist Tara Brown along with her crew and Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner were arrested in Beirut in a Children abduction case. Faulkner who was the mother of the children wanted them back from her Lebanese husband, Ali Elamine. They had spent two weeks in prison.

The Australian quoted the opposition leader Bill Shorten who said that the federal government needs to do more to prevent unhappy parents abducting their children from Australia.

He said, “It’s a really difficult challenge in Australia when one former spouse takes their children beyond the Australian jurisdiction and you’ve got all these dreadful, dreadful, debilitating issues about do you see your kids or not.”

He went on, “Australia needs to do more, I think, to deal with this issue of one spouse taking children away from Australian jurisdiction.”

A documentary pointing that the Nine Network paid a hefty amount was presented to a Lebanon Court.

Although, the crew was released they were warned that they might have to go back if prosecutors decide to proceed with criminal charges.