Malcolm Turnbull’s first visit to Japan has created many speculations. A meeting with a robot and an astronaut have been much talked about as it kicked off the Prime Minister’s visit to the Land of the Rising Sun.

This is Mr. Turnbull’s first visit to North Asia and as stated by the Sky News, Japan is the second largest trading partner of Australia and one of the most innovative countries of the world.

Sky News confirmed that Mr. Turnbull is scheduled to visit the National Museum of Emergency Science and Innovations where he will have an interactive session with ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot. His partner during this museum tour will be its director, Dr Mamoru Mohri, who is also a Japanese astronaut.

The report adds that there will be a signing of a deal on regenerative medicine research with Japan. But before that, the prime minister will attend a round table conference with leading researchers of Australia and the vice-chancellors of the Australian University.

It should be noted that regenerative medicine research is pertinent to restore the function of damaged organs and tissues and includes treatment around gene therapy and stem cells.

Japanese government has planned an hour-an-a-half “special time” for Mr. Turnbull and his Japanese counterpart, Mr. Shinzo Abe. The Guardian reports that nothing can be definitely said about what both the leader will do during this special session.

A recent report by The Star Online confirmed that Mr. Turnbull expressed disappointment on the continuation of whaling in the southern sea. However, he also emphasised that the dispute should not affect the special strategic ties between the two countries.

This month, a Japanese whaling fleet started killing the mammal which rekindled a year-long dispute between the two countries, adds The Star Online.

During the visit, the issue of Japans proposal to build Australia’s next generation of submarines will also be discussed.