Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is expected to talk about trade and tourism partnership with China during his visit to the nation. He is likely to raise the South China Sea dispute over territory capture while meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The meetings will be held after Turnbull’s speech to address business leaders in Shanghai, saying China should respect the rule of law and develop its engagement in promoting and operating open markets. The Aussie prime minister mentioned this during the lunch of almost 2,000 Chinese and Australian business people in Shanghai. Sky News reported the PM claiming the changes in the economy of China, where the nation prefers exporting goods and products than producing itself, have directly or indirectly affected the Aussie economy resulting in increased opportunities.

Meanwhile, Opposition leader Bill Shorten has demanded a discussion on the struggling Aussie steel industry in China on his business-oriented trip intended towards improving Australian economy. Shorten said that it was a good opportunity for the prime minister to talk about the steel units and discuss the Australian Industry Partition Plan proposed by the opposition leader with President Jinping and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. The plan, according to Labor, will help maximise the use of metals manufactured in Australia.

Shorten said that there are several nations that are facing difficulties because of oversupply in production from China. “What we need is the Prime Minister in Australia when they visit China to speak up on behalf of steel jobs, not just to simply ignore the issue,” the ABC quoted Shorten as saying. “This issue of what Mr. Turnbull says to the Chinese Government is a test of his leadership.”

Turnbull said that he has paid a visit to China to open the closed doors for Australian exporters. “China’s own long journey towards open markets and rule of law will be worth the challenges along the way,” he said. “Freedom, enterprise, open markets, embrace of the global community in all its diversity – those are the qualities that have delivered progress, rising living standards and growth.”