Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked authorities to be more strict in designing anti-terror measures for places where Aussies are subject to gather for the Nice terror attack victims.

The prime minister has approached counter-terrorism tsar Greg Moriarty and has asked him to inspect the Nice terror attacks and the Lindt Café siege to find out where Australia can improve its terror-fighting measures. He urged him to find ways in which the nation could be protected from lone wolf attacks.

In addition to this, Turnbull also confirmed that he might give Aussie spy agencies, including ASIO, access to mental health records as it serves to be one of the main reasons for people getting involved in terror activities. He noted that this will be a crucial step as the mental health privacy system will get hampered.  “Mental health alone, leaving aside issues of terrorism, is a gigantic challenge,” he told 3AW’s host Neil Mitchell on Friday.

“It is critical too that people feel and know that when they talk to or go to Headspace, for example, they do so confidentially and in a trusted environment. My most important obligation, my most important responsibility as Prime Minister of Australia, is to keep the people of Australia safe.”

Turnbull, on the examining of attacks by Moriarty, said that it must be analyzed on the basis of certain facts, including when people congregate. The attack in France on Bastille Day was also planned at the place where people were present in huge volume. Terror attacks, as it has been observed, target places where people gather in huge numbers. Hence, anti-terror measures must be formulated, keeping this factor in mind.

The prime minister said that the nation needed to “rethink the way we design and protect places where large numbers of Australians gather.” Turnbull also expressed his concerns over the radicalization of Aussie youth. “What we’re seeing at the moment is people being radicalized or adopting murderous Islamist ideology very, very quickly,” 9News quoted him as saying. “So you have people who are not on the counter-terrorism radar screen, who often as a result of mental illness, will then attach themselves to this murderous ideology and then act.”