Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a candid interview with Brisbane radio station 97.3 revealed that he had to convince a vicar to allow him to marry his wife Lucy by threatening fornication.

The Prime Minister was surprisingly candid while revealing the story of his marriage in a UK church when he was prompted by one of the show’s presenter. During the interview he said that the vicar was initially reluctant and denied the young couple‘s request to marry as neither of them were of Anglican faith, reported Mail Online.

According to the Prime Minister the vicar said, “Get out of here, what are you talking about, you’re not part of my flock go to the registry office.”

Turnbull who was then 25-year-old argued with the vicar and reminded him that his duty was like that of a public servant and one of his duty is to “prevent fornication” in that church.

Turnbull told the vicar, “well look, Ms Hughes and I are not making any admissions but we are young and in excellent health and sorely tempted.” Turnbull convinced him by saying, “if you marry us you will eliminate the risk of fornication in the cottage where we are living down the road. And he thought that was so funny that he said ‘done’. And we got married.”

In the interview, Malcolm Turnbull also confessed gifting his wife an expensive Cartier watch for her birthday last month. He also told that he irons his own shirts whenever he travels. He further admitted  that he acquired the skill from his father, reported

Prime Minister Turnbull also talked about his culinary skills and claimed that he cooks a mean bolognese, adding that he is not a great cook. He noted that his father taught him to roast tomatoes and said that he loves making passata.

When asked about his best job, Turnbull said that being the Prime Minister is his favourite job so far and claimed that he never had as much fun as he is having now.

Recently the Prime Minister had to face embarrassment on his inability to explain how Labor’s negative gearing policies can have a pessimistic effect on the real estate industry.  This radio interview about his personal life was done immediately after the interview on negative gearing policies.