Netflix’s Making a Murderer became an instant phenomenon because it opened the eyes of many to so-called lapses in the criminal justice system. More so, audiences got a clear picture of who Steven Avery was. Has BBC Three found UK’s version of the docu-series?

Not exactly like the Steven Avery case, BBC Three has a new true crime documentary on its hands. The new series is called Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared. However, while both the Netflix docu-series and the BBC Three documentary tackle real-life cases, the similarities end there.

In Making a Murderer, the subject of the case is Avery, who is alive, well, and serving time in prison. However, in Unsolved, the subject’s body was never found. Check out four facts below about the Unsolved series.

Making a Murderer UK version?

1. Subject

The documentary focuses on young boy Damien Nettles. According to Digital Spy, he was 16 when he disappeared back in 1996.

2. Story line

The documentary mainly focuses on Damien’s disappearance. One of the journalists involved with the series, Bronagh Munro, details how it was a major mystery that “a teenage boy simply disappeared on a small island.” Since it’s more of an investigation, audiences join the show’s journalists in uncovering different evidence and encountering people who may know something about what happened to Damien.

3. People involved

Journalists Bronagh Munro and Alys Harte leads the investigation on this cold case. Their investigation makes way for them to work closely with the young boy’s family and other people who may know of events leading to his disappearance.

4. Current status of the case

The case currently stands as a missing person cold case. Without the presence of a body, no one knows exactly what happened to Damien. Consequently, without proof of what happened to him, no one can be charged. At this point, the case is a long-time mystery.

Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared launches on July 25 at 10 a.m. on BBC Three’s official website. Meanwhile, on other related news, Netflix recently confirmed that more episodes of Making a Murderer are coming to the streaming service.