Now that Making a Murderer season 2 is official, what remains is learning the new angle that the story could take. Recent events and efforts made by Steven Avery’s lawyer could be the center of the second season. Namely, the contest of evidence presented and a line of new suspects may make up season 2.

According to a list by The Wrap, one of the most recent updates on the Avery case involved a filing for a motion for evidence. The source details that Avery’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, requested for further scientific testing on evidence from the Teresa Halbach murder.

Hence, this request could very well be the focus of Making a Murderer season 2.

According to a related article from the source, the request was made in line with the advancement in DNA technology. Notably, Avery’s camp is looking forward to developed testings in determining the origin of the DNA.

The report names a number of evidence that Avery’s camp want reconsidered. Among the evidence requested are significant parts of Halbach’s RAV4.

The Wrap details that the car key is a particularly contested piece of evidence given the nature of how it was found. Manitowoc County officers Andrew Colborn and James Lenk located the evidence in Avery’s bedroom. Tests later revealed that Avery’s DNA on it.

With regard to this, The Wrap details that the motion seeks to determine the source of DNA found on the key. If tests reveal that the DNA comes from saliva, it will debunk the State’s claim that Avery’s blood covered the evidence.

Furthermore, The Wrap reports that Colborn’s and Lenk’s fingerprints are subject for comparison to unidentified ones found in Halbach’s car. If tests returns a match, the claim on planted evidence by Avery’s camp gathers solid backing.

Making a Murderer season 2 new suspects

The results from the tests will determine Zellner’s announcement on new suspects.

Consequently, a report by Newsweek reveals that Zellner’s motion lists a lot of inconsistencies in the evidence presented against Avery. Should the tests prove Avery’s innocence, learning the true perpertrator/s makes for an important line of questioning in season 2.

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