A new angle has emerged in “Making a Murderer.” With her continuous efforts to get hold of possible loopholes in the unfair conviction of her client, Attorney Kathleen Zellner finds some valuable input. The latest update shows Zellner finding potential planted evidence.

Her thorough investigations had shown possibilities of the cellphone tower data showing glitches in the 2007 trial. In the same trial, it has been found that there is a great chance that Teressa Halbach’s voicemail is not full. Cingular Wireless said that Halbach’s number’s call logs were not sufficient to fill her voicemail completely.

Earlier, the victim’s family and friends said they tried contacting her and all the messages landed in her voicemail. Surprisingly, no voicemails were found on her phone.

On discovering the said event, Zellner was furious. Steven Avery’s new lawyer was taken aback by the cellphone records. The records were given to the defense; the discovery acknowledged Halbach’s leaving Avery’s property alive, says Morningledger.

The victim returned the same way she arrived – 12 miles from Avery’s property since her last ping. Zellner is annoyed with the failure of Avery’s former defense to take hold of the record as evidence. She considers that the proof itself would form ‘reasonable doubt.’

There are also some new doubts cropping up at Avery’s camp, i.e., insufficient pictures of the crime scene. The only available photos are of poor quality. Avery’s new legal team considers two possible reasons behind such poor-quality photographs: either negligence or intentional. Zellner is reluctant to accept it as a case of sheer negligence. There are rules and standard procedure for taking pictures of the crime scene.

Kathleen Zellner will dig deep into the matter, so that her client will be acquitted in no time. Needless to say, all this will make the next update of ‘Making A Murderer’ even more exciting.