Sharon and Buzz will be under the spotlight while Major Crimes Season 5 spoilers hint of possibly one of its most violent episodes yet.

In an interview with TV Line, creator James Duff said that the theme for the future episodes will be one of balance, not just with Sharon but also with other characters as well. The balance has something to do with juggling their work and family responsibilities, as well as their mindsets.

Duff then played Major Crimes Season 5 spoilers as he said that Buzz (whose father and uncle were killed) and Sharon’s personal issues would be tackled.

“Sharon ends up having a great deal on her plate in terms of where the eventual power lies inside the department. I can’t say more than that on that issue, but she does end up with sort of a big problem,” he added.

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In another interview published on Parade, Duff said that the show is trying to become more relevant with real issues around the world. In episode 3 of Major Crimes Season 5, for example, the show will tackle a beheading right in the US.

The terrorist is nowhere to be found, but a video tape may provide clues to the victim’s whereabouts. The FBI could not locate the victim and so called on the Major Crimes division for help. That’s not going to be easy, however, as there’s going to be some turf battles that will obviously ensue.

There’s also going to be a dead man floating on the pool in the house in Valencia that Sharon wants to purchase. The body turns out to be the realtor, which Provenza correctly pointed out will knock down the price of the home.

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There’s also some comic relief when Provenza talks to the media and uses words like “cursed” and “haunted” to describe the house in order to scare off the other potential buyers to make sure Sharon will secure the property.

Major Crimes Season 5 began airing on June 13. Watch out for more spoilers about the show which will be published when they come along.