Andy and Sharon may take the next step in their relationship, according to the latest Major Crimes season 5 spoilers.

The report from TV Guide revealed that Andy (Tony Denison) will make the biggest sacrifice because Sharon, played by Mary McDonnell, is not emotionally ready to move in with him yet. In order to prove that he’s serious, Andy plans to sell off his house and purchase another just in the neighborhood. It’s not clear if Sharon will find that romantic or creepy. In fact, she will reportedly talk him out of that major decision.

McDonnell talked about Andy and Sharon’s relationship in an interview with Parade magazine as she said that despite their feelings toward each other, the couple is still fumbling in the dark over how they view their connection.

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“We know the romance is there, but what we don’t know yet is how would these two people be as adults together,” she said. “How do they address the bigger issues that adults who are together address—issues of conscience, issues of failure, issues of professional failure.”

Also, she said that both Andy and Sharon are married to their work so they’re figuring it out on how to juggle the demands of their job and also their personal feelings. One thing that’s clear is that the producers and writers will not rush anything when it comes to their relationship.

In other Major Crimes season 5 spoilers, TVLine reported that Jere Burns (Justified) will be appearing on the series as Eliot Chase. He is described as “a methodical and tightly wound former engineer who lost everything, including his job, wife, and house, and now aims to make a bold statement against those who harmed him.”

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As a response, Chase will go down with guns blazing, literally, and he will find himself face to face with the police. The particular episode, titled “Moral Hazard,” will premiere on Aug. 1.

Major Crimes season 5 airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. on TNT. Watch out for more spoilers which will be published here when they become available.