MTV, the channel hit among the youth and teenagers will undergo major changes soon.

MTV is suffering from lack of viewership. The phrase “I want MTV in my house,” used to be a hit among the youth but slowly the trend seems to be declining. This change is mainly due to the advent of technology, with viewers switching to more mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones for entertainment. The craze for “television” as a source of entertainment seems to be fading.

“With MTV suffering the defection of viewers who consume video entertainment in new ways, such as on tablets, that aren’t always counted in Nielsen tallies, the network’s owner, Viacom, is preparing to unveil a broad overhaul in coming weeks,” said Philippe Dauman, the company’s chairperson and chief executive, Variety reports.

“A more significant re-imagining of the brand” will be seen. The research done by Todd Juenger, a media-industry analyst for Bernstein for the week of March 20 showed 8 percent decline in the viewers between 18 to 49. New Age shows like “Teen Mom” and “The Shannara Chronicles” had helped in gaining viewership.

Some changes have already taken place in the past like changing of the vice president of the channel. Sean Atkins is now the vice president who was previously an executive vice president of digital media and strategy at Discovery Communications. Palladia-cable devoted to music was renamed as “MTV Live” in February. The network also plans to hire a new and expert staff on politics and pop culture for MTV News.

“This next broadcast year is going to be a landmark for that brand,” Dauman said.

Since its inception on August 1981, MTV has been considered as a  hip channel for the youth playing music 24 hours a day, and now it has changed to a traditional television, Cinema Blend reports.