Fans are demanding a “Magic Mike 3.” Should it happen, hunky Joe Manganiello may not be a part of it. The actor has just received an approval from The Smiths’ frontman Morrissey to make “Shoplifters of the World.”

Joe Manganiello’s 3:59. Inc is producing a movie on the British band. Predictably, he will star in the flick. The movie entitled “Shoplifters of the World” will be about the iconic British band, The Smiths. However, this is not the first The Smiths movie. According to The Guardian, “Steven” is already in production. It is set to focus on the upbringing of the band’s frontman, Morrissey. informs that the movie is not going be a biopic. Instead, it will focus on the Denver story. The Denver story is about a crazy fan from the eighties where he stormed into a radio station and held the staff as hostage. His demand was a simple one: that the DJ played The Smiths tracks continuously.

The story was slammed later and it was revealed that the crazed fan did not go through with his intentions because he surrendered eventually. However, it still has the potential to make a good film plot. Joe Manganiello is slated to play this Denver DJ.

The Guardian elaborates that the “Magic Mike” actor still has not commented on the cast of the movie. However, it will be written and directed by Stephen Kijak. Kijak has a reputation for making music documentaries and has secured some of The Smiths’ music catalogue for an affordable fee.

Manganiello was recently in the news when he had to opt out of a Navy SEAL drama television series called “Six” by History Channel on account of health reasons. An emergency surgery later, the star is recovering. Daily Mail states that the cause of his hospitalisation was a burst appendix.