Apple finally announced that the change to the MacOSS at the WWDC and detailed some great features that the latest OS, MacOS Sierra is expected to deliver when it rolls out during the fall.

One of the major upgrades that the new OS brings to Mac is the much-loved voice assistant, Siri. As shared on the company’s official website, Siri arrival on the desktop would mean multitasking will come easily by simply asking the voice assistant to search for files and advanced search capability amongst answering other queries.

Apple Pay with the latest OS will also extend to the desktop, allowing users to select Apple Pay at checkout and get the job done with a Touch ID authentication either on the Apple watch or the iPhone, as noted by Digital Trends. With the arrival of the new OS, the Apple Watch will also give users access to the Mac, eliminating the need to log on directly from the desktop. As shared by the site, “this functionality is safe and secure, with time-of-flight networking protocols in place to accurately detect proximity.”

Furthermore, tabs will also be available across apps along with some of the apps offering “out of the box” support. Another feature that many users will appreciate is the software’s capability to push back rarely used content to the iCloud, leaving a lot more space for directly accessing content that may not require the internet right away. Additionally, users will have the ability to access items on the desktop, both from the MacOS as well other iOS devices. Users won’t require any third-party software to access their desktop in case they aren’t right in front of their Mac. Lastly, the picture-in-picture video feature will also be landing with the new OS, much to the delight of procrastinators.

With the developer preview already announced, a public beta version should be making its way out sometime in July, with the final version to be coming out later in the year.