CBS resurrects MacGyver in a reboot series which will start on Friday, September 23. The original version on ABC was launched in 1985 and had its final episode in 1992.  It may not have been the elite art type of series but it was able to make a name for itself and even rise above other shows in the same genre.  It was a practical adventure with a clever hero and his logical crusade which made a lasting impression on those who followed the series back then.  Richard Dean Anderson was the classic MacGyver. The reboot series has Lucas Till of X-Men First Class playing the title role.

Hollywood Reporter describes the new series as having an action-comedy twist and leaving behind some of the character’s original trademarks. The modern-day hero will be working with a team, although he will always be the most capable and most important member of that team. He will also come on-screen with a first name at the very start, unlike the classic version whose first name was revealed only when the series reached its finale.

However, IGN is saying that the gimmick of the original character is preserved. For instance, he is still the ingenious government agent with the knack to improvise tools and weapons out of practically anything within his reach. He did not like guns back then, and he does not like guns today either. He would rather use his improvised tools to overcome a sticky situation, just like before.

The pilot episode will relay the emotional journey that the new MacGyver is going through because he was betrayed by somebody very close to him. The new series is really supposed to showcase the character over the plot of the story.

Show runner Peter Lenkov told Slash Film that they used a very precise ‘MacGyverism’ in the pilot episode and people who followed the original show are very likely to recognize what that particular gag will be.