It is yet to be confirmed but the MacBook Pro 2016 might be here soon.

Rumours about the MacBook Pro 2016 along with other new gadgets will be released in an event to be hosted by Apple in San Francisco, California this coming March.

MacBook Pro 2016, iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and Apple Watch are among the potential electronic devices that will be unveiled next month. According to ChristianPost, there’s a chance that we won’t be seeing the other three items soon. Instead, the tech company might reveal the portable computer which is speculated to be powered by Skylake chips.

Apple took an ambitious step forward by not going for the Haswell chips used by MacBook from the previous year and instead opted for the 6th generation Core processor in an attempt to extend the battery life of the laptop.

Laptops have always been plagued by isues that these heat too fast and Skylake just might be the solution since it is better than other chips when it comes to regulating its temperature. This may be a revolutionary step for portable computers because there will no longer be a need to use laptop fan or coolers.

Of course, they also opted for the new chipset to boost performance and make processing faster. In terms of performance compared to the previous chip, the Skylake is not much of a massive improvement.

There are also hearsay as mentioned in DigitalTrends that the pixels on the new model will be improved with the help of OLED displays. This means users are able to access resolutions of more than 1080p.

In terms of weight in comparison to MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro is said to be lighter. In line with that, it is also guessed to have a slimmer frame and build. This could spell that some USB ports will have to be sacrificed and there would be less access for other devices to be able to plug in.