No Apple product has been spared from the horde of rumors, speculations and predictions that come in and MacBook Pro 2016 has been no exception to the rule.

The long wait for the MacBook Pro 2016 only meant rising curiosity for the upcoming product which translated into a horde of leaks and speculations over the laptop. No show of the MacBook lineup at the Apple event in September last year, left everyone wondering what to really expect next. Rumors surrounding the MacBook Pro 2016 have hinted at inclusion of Touch ID, Force Touch trackpad and  improved battery life as well as Skylake chipset among other upgrades.

Recently, the CBS segment – “60 Minutes,” delivered a sneak-peek into Jony Ive’s design studio and Apple fans were quick to catch a view of a laptop and many thought it to be a prototype of MacBook Pro 2016. As reported by Cult of Mac, the laptop appeared to be much sleeker than the current models and featured the latest Jupiter wallpaper seen on  the iPad Pro, and these probably set off the rumors. The shot, in question, is out of focus and Apple couldn’t be making such an error, so it does seem quite unlikely.

There have been many speculations that have been quite out there, and these should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. But as rightly noted by Mac World, an update to the 15-inch MacBook Pro model is anticipated. Fans are expecting much sleeker, powerful and faster variants than ever before.

Word has it that the MacBook Pro 2016 may land with the MacBook Air lineup at Apple’s own Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in June. Many reports also suggest an earlier launch, but take those with a huge pinch of salt. There is no certainty over when the Pro series will be announced, but it happening at the WWDC seems more likely.

Apple fans can share their thoughts on what they would expect in the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016, in the comments section below.