There could be some truth to the rumour that the MacBook Pro 2016 would be launching next month. The arrival of the new iteration of the MacBook Pro has been long overdue.

Everyone pinned their hopes on the Apple 2015 September event, which saw a no-show from the 2016 MacBook Pro. Then hopes were raised again when the iPhone SE was rumoured to launch along with the upgraded Pro variant. The iPhone SE landed and conquered but the Pro 2016 model did not show up again. Now, Apple loyalists are pinning their hopes on the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) to be held from June 13 to June 17. Although the conference majorly focuses on the software, the MacBooks have been so long in the pipeline that many are expecting it to appear during this time.

If the constant spate of rumours and speculations isn’t indication enough that the MacBook Pro 2016 may be arriving sooner rather than later then the drop in prices of the current models, could be taken as a stronger sign. As noted by Yibada, the price on the current 13.3-inch MacBook Pro has been dropped by approximately $390 (US$300). Reportedly, the Retina 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with 256GB Flash Storage, 8GB Memory has the original pricing of $1965 (US$1,499.99). The offering is now retailing for approximately $1570 (US$1,199.99) on Best Buy.

The upcoming iteration of the MacBooks is touted to arrive with some of the best specs around. An Intel Skylake sixth-generation processor is expected to power the device, and it is also said to be housing a new AMD GPU. It is being widely believed that the 13-inch and 15-inch sizes will continue. However, certain reports suggest that 14-inch and 16-inch MacBooks will be gracing store shelves. But with nothing to back these rumours, Apple loyalists should take the information with a large pinch of scepticism.