Apple’s MacBook Pro has yet to surface this year, and it’s still uncertain when the venerable laptop will come out. Apple saw the 12-inch and the 15-inch MacBook Pro models released in March and May of last year, respectively. Now, if that’s any indication, then the California-based company may finally be unveiling an update on its upcoming event on March 21.

Apple is expected to release the 13-inch variant of the MacBook Pro first. It would likely feature Intel’s sixth generation chips, seeing that there are no MacBooks at the moment that is equipped with Skylake. Currently, Asus, Dell, and Microsoft have started offering laptops equipped with the processor. Not only will Apple be moving up to Skylake bolster the performance of its devices, it will also help them catch up with the competition.

Apple’s media invitation for the March 21 event doesn’t exactly give out hints as to what the company will officially unveil. In fact, it was rather cryptic with its message. However, if we were to decode the company’s invite that reads “Let us loop you in,” it could mean that Apple is updating its previous devices starting with the 4-inch iPhone 5SE, a smaller iPad Pro, and hopefully a new MacBook Pro. Furthermore, the past rumours and speculations that have been surfacing as of late have all pointed out updates to the company’s previous instead of a new line-up to be introduced during the event.

However, if Apple does skip on the update to the MacBook Pro during the March 21 event, the company could use the Worldwide Developers Conference that would take place in June. The only sure things to be unveiled during the event are the iPhone 5SE to appease the 4-inch faithful who were left behind with the company’s move to shift to bigger iPhones and a smaller iPad Pro that still comes with the design language and features of the standard one.