The MacBook Pro 2016 mystery continues with everyone wondering whether or not the laptop will make an appearance anytime soon. Fans have their hopes pinned on the WWDC 2016 which is just days away and news of Apple’s newest product being available or not should be out soon.

The 2016 MacBook rumors started quite early last year with a no-show at any of the Apple conferences in 2015. Furthermore, the upgraded MacBooks were conspicuously absent even at the iPhone SE launch early this year. With leaks and details about the offering making its way out, the certainty that the laptops will be announced soon has increased.

Cult of Mac got its hands on a latest leak, citing an anonymous source who is said to be an employee at “one of Apple’s manufacturing partners in China.” What’s interesting is that the leaked image features a cutout of sorts right where the function keys are in the current MacBooks. The cut-out area, according to reports, could be home to an OLED touchpad. This will be quite interesting since it could give users the ability to customize the function keys and swap them with those that they use most.

While users may appreciate this addition, what may not go down well with many are the connectivity options. The image suggests that most of the connectors on the MacBook have been replaced with USB-C ports. It appears that the right side of the device features two ports and the left side features the other two and also what could possibly be the headphone jack. As noted by SlashGear, the absence of the MagSafe charging port may create controversies until the D-day arrives.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had also predicted that the MacBook Pro 2016 series will feature an OLED touchpad. Kuo’s credibility coupled with the leaked images almost make it certain that this is one feature which could indeed be on the spec sheet. He suggests that the lineup will be introduced during the third quarter, but it is also widely speculated to be making an appearance at WWDC this year.

Check back for more leaks, speculations and rumors on the MacBook Pro 2016. What are your expectations from the iDevice? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.