Chances are the Apple fandom may have just been given a sneak-peek at what would be the MacBook Pro 2016 on “60 Minutes.”

The CBS segment gave Apple fans a look inside Jony Ive’s design studio for the first time ever! However, sharp-eyed fans thought they saw something in the background, that the company may not have had the intention to reveal yet. In a shot during the interview, viewers could see a MacBook sitting on a desk behind Apple’s Bruce Sewell. As noted by Cult of Mac, soon after the brief shot speculations began to run wild that this could indeed be the 15-inch Macbook Pro 2016.

What set off the rumors was the fact that the MacBook in the video looks nothing like that fans have seen so far. It is a 15-inch variant which appears to be much sleeker than the current MacBook models in the markets. Furthermore, it showed-off a Jupiter wallpaper which is seen on the iPad Pro promotional images. But there is no denying that the product is out of focus, and for all we know it could be the space grey MacBook Pro currently in stores.

Also, Apple wouldn’t have left a prototype of an upcoming product lying around just before an interview. All the eagerness to know more about the upcoming MacBook comes from the fact that the product was conspicuous by its absence at the annual Apple event this year. To add to that, rumor mills haven’t been doing a great job at churning out credible information about when fans will exactly witness the launch of MacBooks 2016.

However, latest reports hint that the MacBook 2016 lineup will be introduced in mid-2016. According to report on Gospel Herald, fans may get to see the launch of the much-awaited product during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference which will be held in June 2016. Many are expecting to witness some radical changes as far as the design is concerned as well as some major internal upgrades on the MacBook Pro 2016.