You should definitely include MacBook Air 2016 on your Black Friday shopping list this year.

According to Latinos Post, there were rumors that Apple is considering a Black Friday release date for its MacBook Air 2016.

However, Latinos Post also pointed out some concerns if Apple would unveil its latest laptop on a Black Friday, which falls on November 27. It said a release on Black Friday could see MacBook Air 2016 ending up being overshadowed by other great deals which are expected on that day, possibly even by high price-offs offered for other Apple devices.

Christian Today shared the same view. It analyzed the reason why Apple would never consider releasing any product on Black Friday. CT noted that the day is synonymous with shoppers rushing to stores and big discounts are usually offered on several products.

“If Apple is indeed planning to release the MacBook Air 2016 on that day, then there is a good chance that the news will go by largely unnoticed,” Christian Today wrote.

It was earlier reported that MacBook Air 2016 will be launched in time for Christmas this year, while MacBook Pro 2016 may become available in Spring 2016.

There were also reports that the launch of the two new Apple laptops were pushed back to give way to newly released iPad Pro.

MNR Daily noted that Apple would not want the MacBook Air 2016 to compete with the latest iPad and take away potential sales from it.

Meanwhile, the new MacBook Air 2016 features include Intel Skylake-U chipset, an El Capitan operating system, Type-C USB port, and Force Touch technology. It also has improved battery life and will be even thinner than its predecessor.

MNR Daily added it will most likely have Retina display as well.

The next gen Macbook device will be available in 13-inch and 15-inch variants and may carry a price tag of $1500.